Personal Injury Claims in Auto Defect Accidents

You may receive compensation for your injuries if you’re injured in an accident due to a defective automobile. Although automobile companies claimed to observe strict standards in manufacturing their products, there are still many cases of accidents caused by defects in their products, such as an exploding airbag, unintended acceleration that caused a vehicle to crash, or a faulty control switch that caused a car to catch fire. Other defective auto parts that can potentially cause an accident include defective windshield glass, defective door latches, fire-catching fuel tank, airbags that don’t deploy and other defects.

There are also accidents caused by both an auto defect and the negligence of a driver, such as when a car with defective fuel tank catches fire when it was rear-ended by a negligent driver of another vehicle. If the manufacturers could have previously found out about the defects in their products, then they must have recalled their products to prevent defective auto accidents from occurring. Whether or not a recall has been made, you may claim for compensation if you sustained injuries due to any of these products’ defects.

When making a compensation claim for the damages and injuries caused by any defective auto parts or accessories, you have to establish proof that a particular part of the car failed to function as it was supposed to which caused the accident to occur. It’s best to seek legal representation from an experienced personal injury lawyer in filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the defective automobile that caused your injuries. The lawyer will hire an expert to conduct investigation on the cause of the accident and link the accident directly to the defect.

The liability of the manufacturer is quite obvious in some cases, but is difficult to establish in some other cases. Don’t send your car for repair or alteration until an expert investigator takes a look at it. Since major auto manufacturers are willing to spend a big amount of money to vigorously defend cases against them that can potentially damage their reputation, then you need to retain a lawyer who has successfully handled similar cases.

If you or your loved one has been injured in an auto accident caused by defective auto parts or accessories, it’s important to seek a consultation with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney.

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